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New California Law Protects Sharks Against Brutal Finning


Shark finning is a practice of cutting the fins off of living sharks and dumping them back in the ocean to die. The fins are then dried and consumed in costly shark fin soup. California’s historic Shark Protection Act, banning

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San Francisco Seafood Market

seafood market

Larry Collins, President of the Crab Boat Owners Association, talks about the creation of a sustainable wholesale and retail seafood market along San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Ecotrust, the San Francisco Crab Boat Owners Association and the San Francisco Community Fishing

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California’s Most Dangerous Catch


Larry Collins, President of the Crab Boat Owners Association, talks about this year’s crab season and of the challenges crab fishermen are facing. (Photo courtesy of Valerie Termini) For more information, visit: Crab Boat Owners Association Larry Collins Bio and

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Who is Watching the Ocean? Observing the Ocean Along California’s Coast


Thank You Ocean is pleased to present a guest podcast for a special Thank You Ocean Report. Up and down the coast of California, abalone farmers, bar pilots and environmentalists — among others — are staking their profits, well being,

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Everyday Actions to Protect the Ocean

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