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Wonders of the Sea


Ever wonder what lies beneath the surface of our ocean in California? Prepare to be dazzled by the incredible photographs of our California coast and rich marine life, taken by photographer Marc Shargel. Shargel has dedicated his photography career to

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Ocean and Coastal Photo Contest Winners


Spy on a shy spotted octopus. Gaze at a traveling sea nettle jelly. Gasp at the sunrise hitting the Golden Gate Bridge. The 15th Annual Ocean and Coastal Amateur Photography Contest provides an array of images capturing our ocean and

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Yesterday's Ocean


Where have all the abalone gone? Travel back in time to see what our ocean and coasts were like 100 years ago! You will be amazed at how abundant our ocean once was. Photographer Marc Shargel’s new e-book “Yesterday’s Ocean”

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King Tides


The California King Tides Initiative encourages members of the public to go photograph shorelines in their local community during the highest tides of the winter. These high tides, combined with winter storm surge and runoff, can show us how the

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