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Protecting California's Ocean


The California coast is breathtakingly beautiful and also plays a vital part in our economy. With almost 70% of California’s citizens living in coastal communities, the Ocean Protection Council (OPC) helps to ensure that California maintains healthy, resilient, and productive

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Capturing the Beauty of California’s Ocean and Coast


The beauty, mystery, excitement, wildlife and lifestyle of California’s Ocean and Coast are captured in this montage of spectacular photos representing some of the winning images from the 14th Annual California Ocean and Coastal Amateur Photography Contest. We talk with

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Earth Day's Big Blue Marble


On Earth Day, we often see the NASA photo from space of Earth as a Big Blue Marble, but what makes it blue? The ocean! We talked with Wallace J. Nichols about, the global movement inspired by the Earth

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Wallace "J" Nichols: Sea Turtles and Citizen Science


Sea turtles are fascinating iconic symbols of the ocean. All species of sea turtles are threatened or endangered, and they connect us with many of the environmental challenges facing the ocean. We talk with Wallace “J” Nichols, research associate at

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Enjoy-But Do Not Disturb-Coastal Wildlife


While we enjoy observing coastal wildlife, it’s important to avoid disturbing them. Our guest Mary Jane Schramm, Media and Public Outreach Specialist with the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, says failing to be respectful and cautious when encountering

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National Marine Sanctuaries


America’s ocean treasures are right off our coasts! National marine sanctuaries are special ocean places that have a unique ability to touch people. Thirteen national marine sanctuaries and one marine national monument make up the National Marine Sanctuary System. Four are in

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New California Law Protects Sharks Against Brutal Finning


Shark finning is a practice of cutting the fins off of living sharks and dumping them back in the ocean to die. The fins are then dried and consumed in costly shark fin soup. California’s historic Shark Protection Act, banning

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Managing California’s Network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)


The Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) directs the state to re-evaluate and re-design California’s network of marine protected areas (MPAs). Becky Ota, Habitat Conservation Program Manager of California’s Department of Fish and Game (Marine Region), discusses how adaptive, long-term management

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Engaging the Public, Protecting the Coast, and Capturing the Moment


The California Coastal Commission Public Education Program engages the public in coastal protection and restoration activities and increases the public’s understanding about California’s marine resources. Sylvie Lee, Public Education Program Coordinator, tells us about the Coastal Commission’s many outreach programs

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Seal and Sea Lion Recovery


There has been a dramatic recovery in seal and sea lion populations around the north Pacific where the animals have found protected places to recover, such as the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Anthropologist Todd J. Braje, Ph.D., Assistant

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Tide Pool Treasures


California’s rocky intertidal shores are dotted with tide pools. Filled with water at high tide and exposed to air at low tide, tide pools are home to a variety of sea life. Pat Krug, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at

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Youth: The Next Wave for Change


June 8 is World Ocean Day and the theme this year is “Youth: the Next Wave for Change.” On this report we introduce MERITO (Multicultural Education for Resource Issues Threatening Oceans), a marine conservation outreach effort comprising approximately twenty-five regional

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