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What is Ocean Acidification?

Ocean Acidification

What is ocean acidification? What about hypoxia? How serious are these issues? Our guest is Dr. Tessa M. Hill, Associate Professor at the University of California-Davis, who tells us about what the changes in ocean chemistry mean to the health

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Protecting California's Ocean


The California coast is breathtakingly beautiful and also plays a vital part in our economy. With almost 70% of California’s citizens living in coastal communities, the Ocean Protection Council (OPC) helps to ensure that California maintains healthy, resilient, and productive

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California King Tides: "Snap the Shore, See the Future"


What will happen to our coastline with sea level rise? Help us find out! Learn how you can help gather important information about our changing coastline by simply taking and sharing your photos of California’s “King Tides” — the highest

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Ocean Acidification


What is this threat and how can it affect our ocean world? What does it mean for organisms such as sea urchins? Dr. Gretchen Hofmann, Professor of Marine Biology at the University of California Santa Barbara, discusses her work with

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Earth Day's Big Blue Marble


On Earth Day, we often see the NASA photo from space of Earth as a Big Blue Marble, but what makes it blue? The ocean! We talked with Wallace J. Nichols about, the global movement inspired by the Earth

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California King Tides Initiative: Glimpses into the Future of Rising Sea Levels


King Tides are the highest predicted high tides of the year.  Combined with winter storm events, these high water levels can show us how rising sea levels due to climate change might impact our communities in the future.  The California

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Sea Level Rise


One of the responsibilities of our guest, John Laird, California Secretary for Natural Resources, is to serve as the chair of the Ocean Protection Council which provides scientific research on a number of issues including sea level rise. And, according

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Ocean on the Edge


Ocean on the Edge is an exhibit focusing on the issues that impact the ocean and what we can do about them. Our guest is Dr. Jerry Schubel, President and CEO of the Aquarium of the Pacific, the exhibit’s creator

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California Winter Rains: El Nino


NOAA is predicting an El Nino winter in California. Mark Jackson, Meteorologist in Charge, NOAA National Weather Service in Oxnard, California, discusses the cause and effect of an El Nino on California’s winter rains. (Photo courtesy of Jayme Laber/NOAA) For

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