San Francisco Bay Subtidal Habitat Goals Project

San Francisco Bay Subtidal Habitat Goals Project Report (cover)

San Francisco Bay is said to be the most studied estuary in the world but most of that effort has been focused on the shoreline and tidal wetland areas. Marilyn Latta, Project Manager with the California State Coastal Conservancy, talks about the newly released “San Francisco Bay Subtidal Habitat Goals Report.” It focuses on restoration needs and opportunities for the subtidal habitats in the bay which includes all of the submerged area beneath the water’s surface: mud, shell, sand, rocks, artificial structures, shellfish beds, over 3,700 acres of eelgrass beds, macroalgal beds, and the water column itself.

This report was originally published as a Your Wetlands podcast by the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture who has generously given us permission to podcast it as a Thank You Ocean report.

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